A General Theory of Love - Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini, Richard Lannon I recommend this book, but had some problems with it. As a social scientist, I just kept finding myself saying 'yeah, but' a lot, as social phenomena and context are ignored or treated as "outside" the individual. This is a common problem I have when I read psych books. Although the authors nod to the importance of social context, their focus is on childhood development and on the brain. From time to time they'll cite a bit of social psych, but not nearly enough. It's as if the cultural valences and structures of meaning surrounding love, relationships, sex, intimacy, etc., play only the role of creative expression (e.g., poetry) and are not constitutive of both the content, expression, and phenomenology of the self.

I also found myself cranky by Ch. 8, which more or less came across to me as an advertisement for therapy. To be fair, the authors acknolwedged the multiple pathways to health, but when you read a chapter that basically says that most "broken" people won't be able to achieve healthy intimacy without 3 to 5 years of therapy...Yeah, I felt tricked and cheated. Almost didn't read the last chapter.